About the Artist - Kathy McGinn



I am often asked, “how long does it take to paint one of your paintings? I may or may not be able to answer that question with a certain number of hours that I have spent on a particular piece of art work… But here is the real answer. 


It takes a lifetime.

A life time of learning and understanding perspective.

A lifetime of learning color theory.

A lifetime of mistakes, discarded drawings, layers and layers of paint that ultimately turn brown.

A lifetime of observation of how light plays on skin, and leaves, and mountains.

A lifetime of studying the Masters and roaming art museums, engulfed in the emotion generated by decades of stories and expression of those who have gone before me.

A lifetime of doubt and insecurity.

A lifetime of wondering why God gave me this gift and what I’m supposed to do with it.

Endless hours, wandering through art supply stores learning about paint, brushes, canvas, paper and ink.

A lifetime of day dreaming of design, pattern and shape.

A lifetime of exploration, observation, and prayer.

Endless hours of research on marketing, production, and wholesale supplies.

Endless hours of business research, planning, and consulting with industry experts.


For every painting that I sell, there are a hundred piled behind me, full of life lessons, mistakes, and triumphs. So, when you ask me, “How long does it take?”

It takes a lifetime.


Kathy has been painting professionally for over ten years.  She works primarily in acrylics but often ventures off into watercolor or dyes. 
Kathy attended design school in Boston Massachusetts but relocated to the metro Atlanta area in 2000, where she raised her six children, three dogs, and was recently adopted by a stray cat. Her focus on liberty and patriotism is born out of a love for America and a need to express her gratitude for all men and women who sacrifice to keep this country free.